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"This book is a goldmine.  These are the copywriting secrets the six-figure copywriters don't want you to know about."
- J.A. Sellers (NYC Ad Exec)

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About the Author

Kris Kemp is a writer, copywriter, ebook author, and digital marketing enthusiast.  He is the author of 20+ ebooks and specializes in copywriting for email marketing sequences and sales pages.  He helps freelancers and small businesses build their audience (customers/clients) and  grow their profits using low-cost and no-cost techniques.

His ebooks in the digital marketing space include:

Hooked!  How to convert indifferent prospects into loyal customers who are hooked for life!
101 Profitable Headlines (you can use to build an audience & grow your profits)
The Ultimate Squeeze Page Template BluePrint
The Ultimate Landing Page Template BluePrint
The Ultimate Email Marketing Template BluePrint
The Ultimate AutoResponder Comparison Guide

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