Should I use WordPress or HTML to Build a website?

Should I use WordPress or HTML to build a website?

I’ve used both WordPress and HTML to build websites and here are some pros and cons of each.


Pros of using WordPress
1.  It’s a visually attractive interface.
2.  Nice selection of themes, both free and paid
3.  Nice selection of plug-ins
4.  With the themes and plug-ins, you can set up a nice looking, fast-loading website

Cons of using WordPress
1.  The updates for plug-ins
2.  The updates for themes
3.  Possible spam attacks

WordPress is easier to set up, but can be a hassle to manage, especially with the updates.  Can these updates be enabled?  Yes.  My hosting company allows me to set up automated updates for themes and plug-ins.  But, it’s a good idea to log-in to the dashboard to make sure the updates are happening, for both the themes and the plug-ins.  Apparently, having an outdated plug-in or theme may allow room for some kind of hack.

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

HTML is not a programming code, rather is is a language, a markup language that translates somehow into a website.  I think.  Then again, maybe you should use to find out if any of this is accurate.

Pros of using HTML to set up a website
1.  Typically, it is very fast-loading
2.  Typically, requires little-to-no updates
3.  Gives you more control of the website look

Cons of using HTML to set up a website
1.  Typically, takes more time to set up than WordPress
2.  You might miss the plug-ins

So, should you use WordPress or HTML to set up your website?

Maybe you can use a combination.

The choice is yours.

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