How to Help Businesses Get Leads, Customers, and Clients

Interested in getting leads, customers, and clients to sell products, services, or both?

Here’s some strategies that may help.

1. Approach a business.
If you specialize in a specific kind of business–restaurant, real estate, lawn care–all the better.

2. Offer to help that business generate leads (potential customers and clients) that they can, possibly, get to become customers and clients.

3.  A “vehicle” that may help you do this is Vidjack.  Click here to find out more about Vidjack.

4.  Charge the business for each lead or charge them a monthly fee and for that monthly fee, guarantee that you will give them a specific amount of leads.

This is a potential strategy you can use to start a Lead Generation business.

Most businesses probably do not care about a website.  But what they do care about is getting leads, potential customers and clients.  If you can get them leads, then you can make money.

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