5 Email Marketing Techniques that will Grow Your Profits

The Marketing Technique You Don’t Want to Miss
If you’re building a business online, with the intention to grow a customer base and, eventually, sell products and services to these customers, there’s a tried-and-true technique, that if used properly, can get you a 10% to 20%, even up to 50% click-through rate.

This tried-and-true marketing technique is not found in social media marketing platforms like Facebook ads, Twitter marketing, Instagram marketing, SnapChat, or even Pinterest marketing. It’s found in … email marketing.

TrafficWave is the Auto-Responder that I Use
The auto-responder that I use is TrafficWave. It’s a reliable auto-responder that allows for unlimited emails for $17.95 a month. There are no additional charges, no matter how big your email list gets. And TrafficWave.net offers a free 30-day trial. Click here to check out TrafficWave for a free 30-day trial.

What? You’re probably thinking that email marketing is the dinosaur that’s about to go extinct, lost in the swamp of social media platforms and the marketing hype that surrounds them.

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More than all other Social Media Platforms Combined
More people purchase through email marketing than all other social media platforms combined. If you’re not marketing through email, you’re losing a lot of business, and leaving a lot of online money on the table, money that will gladly go into the pockets of others who know how to market via email marketing.

What is E-mail Marketing
Essentially, email marketing is a combination of several action steps, each one that relies on the other, that supports an email marketing campaign.

Step 1: Offer a product or service in exchange for someone’s name and email.

Step 2: Once you receive their name or email, send them that product or service, automatically, using an autoresponder. An auto-responder allows you to send pre-written emails in a sequence (every day, every other day, every few days – however you choose).

Step 3: Be sure you write well-written emails that engage your audience’s attention.

Step 4: Use an auto-responder service that is reliable and trustworthy.

Step 5: Your goal with sending out these pre-written emails is to get your audience to Know, Like, and Trust you. Once they know, like, and trust you, they are likely to purchase from you.

Click here to check out TrafficWave.net for a free 30-day trial. You can send unlimited emails with TrafficWave!

But How Can I Keep My Audience from Opting Out?
You have a great website that offers lots of value to your visitors. You write informative articles, create videos or share videos that are helpful, and have a free giveaway–an ebook or special report–for your website visitors who opt-in, or subscribe with their name and email, to your website for updates.

This next step is crucial for your success as an online entrepreneur: You have to keep your subscribers engaged and interested in the emails (pre-written emails) that are being sent to their inbox. These emails arrive on a planned schedule (usually every few days so as not to overwhelm them).

How to Write Auto-Responder Emails that Convert to Sales
If you want to write auto responder emails that convert to sales, position yourself as the person you are trying to reach.

Think of yourself as a visitor to your website. Sign up, using a different email of course, as a subscriber to your inbox. Then, read the emails, carefully, when you receive them, every few days.

Ask yourself this: Are the emails interesting? Are you engaged? Is there a reason to continue reading the emails to the end? Do you have a stake in the outcome?

If the answer to these questions is no, it’s time for you to rethink, retool, and rebrand your email marketing campaign.

Let’s go over some ways to polish your email marketing campaign in order to convert those indifferent prospects into customers, with the eventual goal of turning them into loyal customers who are hooked on your content, your reliability, your trustworthiness, your product, your service.

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5 Ways to Write Auto Responders that will Keep your Audience Engaged

1. Write your Email Letters like a Movie Script
Develop your auto-responder email campaign letters as a movie, a movie that is similar to an adventure book that allows the reader to be a hero in his own story. Your readers ability to choose will result in different outcomes. Giving them this power to choose, and the different outcomes that happen as a result, will get them invested in reading your emails.

How can you do this? Install hyperlinks within the emails, that point them to a different set of auto-responder email campaigns. Use the html code for this Setting up multiple autoresponder campaigns will be a bit tricky, but it is possible. Also, if they choose a specific action (hyperlink), you can send them to a specific page on your website. A different outcome will result and it all depends on their choice. You’ve given them the power. And that comes with a certain emotional investment.

Keep them engaged and interested. One way to get people engaged in a movie or a movie screenplay is by giving-them-a-reason-to-care-about-the-character. Since most people care about themselves, give them a reason to be engaged by showing them that your emails, your products, your services, your friendship, your reliability, your website, is running in order to make their world a better place? Why? Because you were in their shoes before, you feel their pain, you know the hurt, and know that you’re in a better place, you are compelled to help them get in a better place, too. Be altruistic. At the same time, attach a price to your altruism. If it’s free, people don’t value it. This is true of your time, your product, your service.

2. Employ emotion
Employ emotion in your emails. Most people don’t want to be responsible for their actions. Why? Because it gives them a reason to be irresponsible, to not-take-agency for their choices. Craft your writing in such an emotional way that your reader, your email subscriber, is hypnotized. When people are in such a state, and they often are, when reading or listening to music or watching videos, they want to be led, they want to be told what to do. People purchase items based on an emotional need. It is only later that they justify their purchase based on a logical need.

3. Incite curiosity.
Once your get your readers emotionally invested in your character, incite curiosity by only revealing tidbits, just enough to keep them motivated to keep reading your emails. If you watch a movie, a movie that engages your interests, you’ll find that the screenwriter only reveals the bare essentials, at the perfect moment. This is to keep you, the moviegoer, on your toes, engaged, interested, invested. Another way to incite curiosity is to reveal something new about the character that puts him in a different light. You can do this in your auto responder email campaign by revealing secrets about yourself, or statistics about the human population that are little know or even hard to believe.

4. Create open loops.
Think of a loop. A loop is a circle that is closed. An open loop is a circle that is not closed. An example of creating an open loop would be doing this: ending the story, ending the email, on a cliffhanger. Your subscriber will want to know what happens next, but he’ll only find out what happens next in the next email.

5. Tell a story.
Think of your emails as a movie script, and think of your email subscribers as an audience watching the movie. Tell a story, one that gets them invested in the character. The character can be them self, you, or someone else, or a combination of these. Tell a story that engages your audience on an emotional level. Take them on a journey with endings that are unexpected, surprising, and beneficial. Hook the reader. Establish rapport. Build camaraderie.

5 Email Marketing Campaign Tactics to Keep your Audience Engaged
1. Write your email letters like a movie script.
2. Employ emotion.
3. Incite curiosity.
4. Create open loops.
5. Tell a story.

How I Use Auto-Responders to Make Money Online
For the last few years, I’ve been using TrafficWave.net to run my auto-responder email campaigns, in order to make money online. I’ve set up pre-written emails, that get mailed out in a sequence, in order to sell my ebooks online. At some point, I’ll likely write a detailed blog post about this. In the meantime, you can check out the email campaigns yourself by visiting the sites below and subscribing with your name and email.

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