Use Information Binging™ to Learn The Best Money Making Strategies Online


I Live in New York City
I’ll be honest with you. I live in New York City. Well, I live in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York, which is a borough of New York City, but this is considered New York City, since New York City proper consists of the 5 boroughs. Still, most people think of New York City as Manhattan. People here refer to Manhattan as The City.

Living in NYC Changes You
Living here changes you and shapes you, because The City is so full of possibilities and uncertainties. For that reason, and other reasons, most people who I know have more than one job. They juggle two-or-three jobs. Here, it’s a necessity. Because if one job collapses, you have other sources of income to rely on. That being said, a lot of my friends work online, blogging, building websites, doing social media advertising and promotion, retouching digital photos, etc.

Imagine Being a Digital Nomad
But what if we dump those three jobs and just work one job, being a blogger or online entrepreneur, or website developer, or ebook author, social media promoter, or a combination of these, that would allow us to only work from our laptop. Imagine the freedom of being a digital nomad. Being able to work from anywhere in the world. And your only necessary tool is a laptop, an internet connection, and the ability to follow a plan, a plan for making money online that works.

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Is it possible to earn money online in 2018
Is it possible to earn money online, in 2018? Is it possible to make enough money online to afford you a lifestyle that’s comfortable enough for you to be happy? In light of the fact that Google is changing the rules of the game by moving the boundaries for the goalpost with their shifting algorithms, with their sandboxing and de-indexing of popular YouTube channels deemed politically incorrect ever since they let the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) take the helm? Is it possible to make money online, despite 1984-like tactics being perpetrated by Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook? Is it possible to earn online revenue and work from the relative anonymity of your laptop? Is it possible? Yes.

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As long as you are willing to take action, to lose the obsessive distraction of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels, and your willing to put your time into learning how others make money online in this current market, and you’re willing to follow their steps, it is possible.

understanding the current market

The Importance of Information Binging
If you want to make money online, I recommend that you embrace information binging™. Why am I trademarking information binging™? Because, as far as I know, I just made up that term, so I would like credit for it, and perhaps millions-of-dollars for it’s usage in other articles, blogs, books, videos, etc. Due to the ever constant changing playing-field that is the Google search engine, it is imperative that you information binge™ in order develop strategies for making money online.

What is information binging™?
Information Binging™: gorging on information, quickly and attentively, in order to understand the current marketplace and its future trends

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Understand the Current Marketplace
Make it a habit to follow, read, and watch videos that discuss the current status of search engines, social media platforms, economic trends, marketplace trends, and upcoming tech trends (Kickstarter is good place for this). This arsenal of knowledge will serve to bulwark your path to making money online. You will have an understanding of what lies ahead, enabling you to prepare for situations that others dismiss as unpredictable. You, however, have trained your senses, sharpened your skills, and honed your knowledge to see what’s coming.


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