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At KrisKempCreative, I’ll be sharing proven strategies that you can use to build an audience and grow your profits, by converting cold leads into prospects eager to buy your product or service.

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Need help with your marketing? I can help you. I specialize in writing email marketing campaigns and building niche-specific Instagram pages. You can use both of these to identify your audience and funnel them into your email list. As long as you keep providing valuable content to your audience, you’re likely to convert the “once indifferent prospect” into an “enthusiastic fan”, who is likely to buy your product or service. Interested in knowing more? Email me at: KrisKemp@ProtonMail.com with “KrisKempCreative services” in the subject line.

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about me
Hi. I’m a writer, musician, traveler, creative entrepreneur, and the co-author of ‘the rails’, a novel. I have a plethora of interests that share the common theme of freedom–time freedom, financial freedom, travel freedom. At KrisKempCreative, I’ll be sharing strategies that will help you build an audience and grow profits.

At the moment, I am in the process of developing a copywriting strategy formula that combines conventional copywriting strategies with elements of screenplay-writing techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Attraction marketing. The result? A powerhouse copywriting strategy that you can use to build an audience and grow profits. You can put your marketing on autopilot by incorporating this method into your email marketing marketing campaign (via the use of autoresponders). Email me, at bicycledays@yahoo.com with “I want the Copywriting System” in the subject line, to grab a first-look at this soon-to-released Powerhouse Copywriting Strategy.

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P.S. I’m available for freelance copywriting work. My speciality is writing email marketing campaigns for your product or service that, over time, convert indifferent prospects into loyal customers.


By telling them your stories–the origin story of how your product or service came about, how you changed and changed the lives of others, and where you’re headed for the future. Inviting the reader to join you on the journey is paramount, because this allows you to establish rapport with him. Through the introduction of conflict, choices, and risk, along with psychological triggers, the reader participates in a “rite of passage” with you, strengthening rapport and trust. The end result is a loyal customer who becomes a “brand ambassador” for your product or service.

Everyone is chasing a feeling. Attach a strong feeling of adventure, desire, unpredictability, uncertainty, promise of a better life, within the context of the narrative (story). Throughout the story, establish rapport with the reader by putting him through tests (qualifying him).

Incorporate these techniques into your copywriting campaigns and you’re likely to see a higher conversion rate for sales on your products and services.